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A pop-up for Grillo’s pickles? Yes please.

The past few months we’ve been working with our client Grillo’s Pickles in preparation for their second annual pickle pop-up in New York City’s Lower East Side (a part of the city famously keen on brine). Last year’s event proved there was a real hunger for the concept (and the pickles) while highlighting opportunities to engage an even broader set of fans.

This year’s aptly named Pickle Paradise will set up shop once again at 2 Rivington Street in New York City, from June 7-22 with a soft opening on June 6. Starting at 11 a.m. every day the shop will offer merchandise, events, brand and artist collaborations, and, of course, all things pickled (pickled grapes are an absolute game changer).

While New Yorkers and those devoted enough to travel can stop by in person, Orso has also been helping Grillo’s think about how they can use the momentum around this pop-up to connect with pickle fans across the country. 

In addition to the physical pop-up, Grillo’s will also be launching a Pickle Paradise Digital campaign that includes:

  • Sweepstakes to win limited edition products and artist collaborations only available at the shop
  • Hand-picked recipes so fans can make some of the foods featured at the pop-up at homes
  • Link to pre-order from the Mike Lottie merch collection that’s only available at the pop-up shop
  • Link to pre-order the first ever pickle cookbook, Get Pickled!
  • A dynamic social feed sharing content and updates from the live events
Mike Lotti x Grillo’s Limited Edition Merch

And if you’re curious how a NYC pop-up fits into a broader pickle marketing strategy, Tasting Table captured the spirit of the pop-up in last year’s write-up:

A pop-up may seem like an odd choice for a pickle purveyor, but it is totally in keeping with Grillo’s marketing style, which has created considerable buzz and garnered scads of followers across its social media channels. Speaking with Modern Retail, Grillo’s senior brand manager, Eddie Andre, said that the company followed a path of showing up “where other brands wouldn’t or didn’t know how [to].” In practical terms, that meant creating merch that spoke to subcultures such as skateboarding and punk music and having a presence in unlikely spaces, like music festivals.

Some of our team will be at this year’s festivities in person and we can’t wait to hang out with Sam Sam:

Stay tuned for pictures and our impressions from the pop-up and – if you’re in the NYC metro area – stop by! We’d love to share a pickle with you.

Meanwhile, follow Grillo’s for information about the event as it gets closer.