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How Farmscape is expanding its reach by seizing the moment

Often, effective marketing is about being proactive: finding and crafting stories and messages that resonate with audiences. But in some cases, a readiness to react to an opportunity can be just as effective.

With Orso’s support, California’s largest food-focused, sustainable landscaping company Farmscape did just that, earning coverage in both NBC’s California Live and Architectural Digest. They met cultural moments with on-brand expertise and a readiness to show off their inspiring projects.

Hot (and rainy) topics

During this year’s unusually warm February, Orso’s Director of PR, Carly Kuikman, found herself worrying over her budding plants. Her midwestern home never sees flowers so early and she knew the risk of frost was high.

Meanwhile, Orso’s Director of Client Services, Kym Good, was keeping an eye on California’s wetter-than-usual weather from her home in Austin, Texas. Her client Farmscape designs, installs, and maintains corporate and residential gardens across California and she worried about the rain’s impact on their projects.

When she and Carly had their regular strategy call with Farmscape’s founders Dan Allen and Lara Hermanson, Dan and Lara confirmed that California was inundated with rain. Having worked closely with Farmscape since 2021, Orso saw an opportunity. 

Abnormal weather – and its impact on yards and gardens – was a topic of conversation across the country. With their deep expertise in adaptive landscaping, Farmscape could meaningfully contribute to that national conversation.

Carly, Dan, Kym, and Lara worked together to pitch a story about resilient farming for unpredictable weather patterns. Thanks to a trusted relationship between Orso and a producer on California Live along with clear audience hunger for the topic, the televised placement received quick approval. 

From there, it came together beautifully. The segment gave Farmscape visibility (the show airs after The Today Show throughout California where their clients and prospective clients are) and allowed them to show off one of their unique Farm Parks in Irvine, CA. It also provided tangible tips for all of NBC’s viewers – a win for everyone. The team’s tactical advice helped people across regions protect their gardens and plant toward a better future. It didn’t hurt that Matthew Geldin, Head Farmer on the project, turned out to be a natural on camera!

Watch the piece here to set climate adaptive gardening goals.

At-the-ready with assets and expertise

Farmscape’s recent coverage in Architectural Digest is another great example of their strategically reactive approach.

In that case, Orso and Farmscape didn’t develop and pitch a story related to a hot topic, but we were well-prepared to offer expertise when the opportunity arose.

When Carly heard from an editor seeking tips about herb gardening, she jumped at the opportunity, not only with Farmscape’s expert advice about the topic but also with beautiful imagery to back it up. Carly credits both components equally for their placement in the article. “The editor sent specific questions and we had really good answers and imagery – unique assets to back up every single tip.”

Photo: Caitlin Atkinson / Farmscape

“It’s about being reactive to what’s going on and inserting yourself as an expert there,” says Carly, discussing this type of approach to PR. 

Dan and Laura’s readiness to do just that has been a win-win, generating new business and helping their audience garden like pros.