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How Red’s compelling, authentic story earned them a placement in Forbes

We were gratified to see our client Red’s receive some serious attention this month. And by serious attention, we mean an interview in Forbes. Yes, that Forbes.

It made our day for a few reasons.

Reason 1: Red’s is amazing

There aren’t many organizations more deserving of a high-profile article. Red’s is a great story, filled with love (love of a spouse’s burritos, love of business, love of dogs). Plus, they’re an absolutely stellar group to work with. Their products support busy individuals and families through protein-packed convenience. Their CEO, Mike Adair, who was profiled in the piece, is deeply committed to creating delicious food using high-quality, premium ingredients. They even own their own supply chain (which is HARD, by the way) in order to optimize for quality and are trailblazing a new category of freezer aisle wares: delicious frozen food that consumers feel good about eating and serving.

Red’s walks the walk. They deserve all of the accolades.

Reason 2: Orso’s PR team shines again

The second reason for our excitement? Our Director of PR, Carly, worked with Red’s to secure and shape the placement. Watching Red’s embrace the power of PR and storytelling to grow their brand has been a joy. Even better? Seeing that PR lead to increased visibility and growth for their company.

Discovering and highlighting a unique angle

At first, Red’s felt a little wary of PR services; understandably so. They had grown organically for fourteen years and had every reason to keep doing what had worked. But they were open-minded, so we explored the possibility of expanding upon the approach after an organic product placement in Good Morning America

Having worked with Red’s since 2018, we knew about their passion, brand vision, and unwavering commitment to quality. We also knew the story behind their company and suspected it might be just as compelling as their products (don’t get us wrong: their food is so good and a staple in many of our freezers). So, as we worked together on PR, we chose to use that story to introduce their brand to a wider audience and elevate their credibility. 

Instead of focusing on Red’s products, we started collaborating on placements that highlighted the company, its unique and category-shifting vision, and its mission-focused success. 

We had to overcome some visual challenges: Mike hadn’t taken a headshot in nearly a decade! Not only had he grown up since launching Red’s but Red’s had grown up too (we know the feeling). We had to guide the team to pull together visuals that really worked for the story.

Mike was also a great partner when it came to media-training. He took to heart the lesson that landing interviews is only one part of leveraging media; telling a story that matters and building a core narrative makes those placements matter. As someone adamantly opposed to “marketing speak,” we worked together to make sure that he felt authentic and excited about delivering that narrative. 

Great PR is about finding and focusing on your singular story

At Orso, our approach to PR (like everything else) is very personal. As Carly describes it: “We really pride ourselves on storytelling; not just pitching a company and their products but finding the unique angle that shows who the company is and shares the people behind it. It’s important to do this before we even begin media outreach and then we can think through potential angles to show why readers will care and why editors should write about it now.”

So if you’re looking to grow your media presence and reach new audiences, take the time to explore your story: what makes you and your company – not just your products or services – unique? What values will resonate with an outlet’s audience? 

We are thrilled with the hard work of both teams for hitting the mark on this one. Here’s to many more great stories to come!